Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Tailoring, Dyeing of Garments and Carpets & Upholstery Cleaning

The Laundry Inc Process

From the moment your hotel or guesthouse's laundry enters our industrial premises till the moment we deliver the finished product to your establishment, Laundry Inc provides well-rounded and high quality services and applications to every single item trusted in our care.

There are many qualities that elevate a cleaning service from average to exemplary; our Laundry Inc team of cleaning experts are committed to being the best of the best. We welcome new clients to join our portfolio on a daily basis and are the Western Cape's sole provider of garment restoration.

At Laundry Inc, we have a 24 hour average turnaround time from the collection to delivery of a client's bulk linen and laundry. Our team can complete up to 3 collection and deliveries per client, per day depending on the amount of laundry you need done. Laundry Inc enjoys the benefits of being owner run and we are always seeking out ways to improve our service offering, by taking the time to understand exactly what each client requires and delivering without fault.

    What exactly goes into the Laundry Inc cleaning process?

    Our standard cleaning process is meticulous and without error, while we are happy to accommodate clients with unique requests and special arrangements:
  1. Arrange a cleaning. Clients can get in touch with us via email or phone call (0760187641), while we also have a dedicated Laundry Inc Whatsapp line(0760187641) and Facebook Page
  2. Choose from services such as Industrial Laundry, Uniform and Work Wear, Guest House and Hotel Laundry or even basics like tailoring, carpets or upholstery laundry. Laundry Inc offers well rounded services to clients in and around Cape Town
  3. Laundry Inc also offers a reliable pick-up & drop-off service – simply let our team know if this service can benefit your establishment while discussing your needs
  4. Every item in our care will first be checked by the Laundry Inc quality department, where we will identify the most effective cleaning method/application before proceeding. If needed, pre-shrinkage and stain removal processes will be applied
  5. Once the correct cleaning procedure has been identified, the Laundry Inc cleaning team will proceed to wash garments/linen and basic laundry in a controlled environment
  6. All Laundry Inc services are quality checked and can include step-by-step processes such as removal of stains, ironing, folding, pressing, hanging or starching in order to restore each item to its original state
  7. Any special requests/custom requirements are applied and, if arranged, we will deliver your establishment's laundry and dry-cleaning to you on time
  8. At Laundry Inc, we welcome feedback from our clients. Please get in touch on our Facebook page with a review or simply email us your feedback

Specialized services

Some of the specialized laundry services provided by the expert Laundry Inc team include Wedding Dress Laundry, Tailoring as well as Dying of Garments. We also offer Lagooning (also known as Wet Cleaning) and Dry Cleaning services – Dry cleaning is mostly applied to fabrics that degrade in water as well as delicate fabrics that don't do well in washing machines and dryers. Our cleaning processes are perfected to ensure that your garments enjoy the longest lifespan possible.

Our impressive industrial laundromat can process up to 2 tons of laundry per day and is constantly growing and improving. There is no job too complex, big or small for our Laundry Inc team to undertake. In order to ensure an accurate service delivery, we make use of an updated inventory book that is supplied to each client, allowing for easy tracking of current laundry projects.

Another popular service at Laundry Inc is our intensive washing cycle, great for removing bacteria and germs from extremely dirty work wear (often applicable to clients in manufacturing or hospitality) stained with heavy oils and dirt. This washing cycle has proven to be very successful in removing all visible stains.

Our Laundry Inc services can be customized depending on you/your establishment's specific needs– over the past 6 years; we have serviced reputable hotels in and around Cape Town and understand that every business and client has unique requirements that are integral to their reputation.

We are off the Water Grid

Did you know that Laundry Inc is completely off the water grid? We draw all our Industrial Laundry water from a borehole which then undergoes an intensive cleaning process, making it suitable for the cleaning of any and all laundry garments, including delicate materials and white linen.

We will also be setting the next phase of our water saving process into motion very soon - this phase will include recycling the rinsing water from our washing in order to continue saving water while still providing unsurpassed laundry services to our clients.

We use only the best products and equipment

In order to provide laundry services of the very highest calibre, Laundry Inc works hand in hand with Geochem (well-known specialists in the manufacturing of cleaning chemicals) to design highly effective cleaning chemicals that are perfectly suited to our various washing cycles.

We only make use of Electrolux Laundry equipment, as we believe (through extensive experience) that they produce the best equipment available in the industrial laundry market.

"If you're going to do something, DO it right and make it as good as you can..."

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