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HACCP Approved Industrial Laundry

Committed to delivering a consistent and high quality Industrial Laundry Service to Cape Town based clients, our Laundry Inc team go above and beyond to ensure satisfactory results every time, according to HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) approved standards.

At Laundry Inc, we are at the forefront of new ideas and ongoing improvement strategies for Industrial Laundry in Cape Town. Our hands-on management style allows us to motivate our staff members, provide opportunities for regular training, as well as implement Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) that promote a safe, healthy work environment. By following guidelines for testing and quality assurance, Laundry Inc's HACCP Approved Industrial Laundry services have proven successful over and over again and are regularly audited by external consultants.

For industries like Food & Beverage, Healthcare and for Hotels and Guest Houses in Cape Town, outsourcing laundry involves a level of transparency and trust, which our Laundry Inc team of professionals have managed to build and maintain with our valued portfolio of Laundry Inc clients. HACCP guidelines analyse and control the potential hazards of contaminants that could affect the level of quality and safety when handling laundry –contaminants show up in 3 forms, being Biological (bacteria or viruses), Fungi (toxins from plant, certain foods or foreign objects) and lastly Chemical (cleaners, sanitizers etc). HACCP Principles allow our Laundry Inc cleaning team to establish these hazardous contaminants, monitor and correct them as well as verify procedures, all while keeping record in documentation.

With no exception made for the quality of HACCP Approved Industrial Laundry services by Laundry Inc, regular testing is done for the temperature validation of our washing machines, while we also conduct Microbiological Testing and Whiteness Testing (using a reflectometer). Our main focus lies in the physical inspection of all laundered items in our care, eliminating contamination threats. Our cleaning process involves a pre-wash, main wash, rinse, tumble drying, sorting and storing, and where applicable also repairing and re-washing. Our Laundry Inc team also offer an intensive cleaning cycle that is suitable for clients with Overall Laundry, Commercial Laundry and Uniform & Work Wear Laundry.

In additional to providing a reputable HACCP Approved Industrial Laundry service, our Laundry Inc team also specialize in dry-cleaning processes that will preserve the lifespan of your industrial laundry. Our Industrial Laundry Facility is located a short 15 minute drive from the city centre of Cape Town, equipped with high-end laundry equipment imported from Europe and able to handle up to 2 tons of laundry per day. For clients enlisting our Bulk Laundry, Staff Laundry and Food & Beverage Laundry services, our laundry collection and delivery service is a welcomed relief, with a reputation for always being friendly and on time.

"If you're going to do something, DO it right and make it as good as you can..."

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