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Preshrinking - Laundry Inc

At Laundry Inc, we offer an exceptional laundry and dry cleaning services to a number of high profile clients in and around Cape Town. Most of our clients are in the hospitality industry, where cleanliness is a top priority and professional appearances need to be maintained at a consistently high standard.

It is important to apply modern techniques when providing a complete laundry service, which is why our Laundry Inc team offers the service of preshrinking garments before washing or tailoring. Preshrinking prevents clothes and garments from shrinking and/or stretching as they are being cleaned, while also maintaining the quality and appearance of these garments and even adding to their lifespan. Preshrinking can be applied to heavy weighing items as well as clothing and garments of a lighter fabric, reducing risks during the cleaning process.

The preshrinking process can also be applied to linen and bulk hotel laundry, as well as everyday laundry items. As hotel and restaurant linen tends to undergo more regular cleanings, these materials wear out quicker and need to be replaced more often – by requesting Laundry Inc's preshrinking service, establishments can benefit from better quality and longer lasting linen, while also providing guests with a more well-rounded laundry service.

Hotels and guest houses (as well as their respective restaurants, staff members and guests) and renowned corporate company's in the city centre have come to rely on the exemplary services delivered time and time again by our Laundry Inc team. From work wear and the heavy duty cleaning of carpets and curtains to bulk laundry loads or delicate items, allow our Laundry Inc team to help turn your establishment's laundry worries into a thing of the past.

Our industrial Laundry Inc facilities, hard-working staff members and dedicated management team are committed to providing laundry services of the very highest standard. From professional laundry to dry cleaning, steaming, tailoring, dyeing and preshrinking of garments, our service offerings are comprehensive and reliable.

"If you're going to do something, DO it right and make it as good as you can..."

debra wilson