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Laundromat in Parklands East - Laundry Inc

At Laundry Inc, we pride ourselves on providing dedicated and exceptional laundry and dry cleaning services to the residents of Parklands East in a convenient and timely fashion. We understand how busy life can get between work and family, kids, and home and dirty dishes that mysteriously pop up after you've cleaned! At Laundry Inc, we aim to make life easier by taking one of the most time-consuming chores off of your very busy hands and giving you a little more time to enjoy yourself - hopefully not washing those pesky dishes.

Since opening our doors in 2012, our dedicated father-son team have focused on supplying the good people of Parklands East with the best possible laundry services by only using the best equipment and cleaning materials currently available on the market. It was this very commitment to excellence that allowed us to pass the SATSA (South African Textile Services Association) tests with record-breaking results! We take laundry seriously, and no task is too big or complex for our incredible laundromat team to handle. From restoring delicate materials to heavy-duty carpet cleaning - we've got you covered.

There is no I in laundry, and a large part of our success relies on our motivated and experienced team. After an extensive training session, our team conducts meticulous quality checks to ensure no garment slips below our standards. With a comprehensive set of services available 7 days a week ranging from standard dry-cleaning, custom tailoring, stain removal, clothes dyeing to upholstery cleaning and even wedding dresses - your Parklands East laundry services will be met quickly and efficiently. Our laundry services are also available in Parklands North, Blouberg, Sunningdale and Table View. If you're too busy to pop in, simply log an online order request, and we will be happy to collect and deliver your laundry at your convenience.

Don't let piles of laundry get you down or take a chunk out of the limited free time you have. Let Laundry Inc take care of your laundry needs; we'll focus on the stains while you focus on enjoying life.

"If you're going to do something, DO it right and make it as good as you can..."

debra wilson