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Property Management Laundry - Laundry Inc

As a respected Property Management company operating in and around Cape Town, it is of vital importance that every level of service portrays the highest quality and delivers optimal results. At Laundry Inc, we offer an exceptional Property Management Laundry service to a range of industry professionals, regularly expanding our impressive portfolio. Our impressive laundry solutions are aligned to each client's specific requirements, adding immense value to their services.

Our unsurpassed Property Management Laundry Inc service is geared towards each client's exact and unique requirements, while no laundry task is too complicated for our team to handle. Thanks to our impressive Laundry Inc Laundromat facility that operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we consistently deliver outstanding HACCP Approved Industrial Laundry solutions. At Laundry Inc, we also provide a specialized and highly sought after Hotel Laundry service, Overall Cleaning service, Commercial Laundry service and Staff Laundry solutions. In addition to running completely off the water grid, our industrial laundromat can process massive loads of laundry (up to 2 tons) in a day, while making use of only the best laundry products and equipment available. Through Laundry Inc, Property Management Laundry has never been simpler or more effective.

In order to continually deliver on our promise of high quality laundry results, our staff members are valued and invested in through relevant training sessions, also enjoying an uplifting and motivated work environment. Operating with the notion that laundry is our passion and pride; many of our Property Management Laundry clients have been enlisting our services for years and enjoy dedicated approached and timeous delivery. Our reliable Collection and Delivery service elevates the service offering to property management companies, fitting into their schedules and accommodating special requests in any way possible.

With many years of experience understanding and perfecting the intricacies involved in Property Management Laundry, our Laundry Inc team provide outstanding services that will become integral to the satisfaction of both guests and home owners. Our Laundry Inc Property Management Laundromat services leave no room for error.

"If you're going to do something, DO it right and make it as good as you can..."

debra wilson