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Staff Laundry in Cape Town

For the professional, custom cleaning of your staff laundry in Cape Town, look no further than Laundry Inc. Our extensive expertise in bulk and commercial laundry allows us to deliver consistent, high quality results each and every time, with a range of diverse clients continually benefiting from our skills and services in laundry and dry cleaning.

Regardless of the nature of your business, staff members play an integral role and can impact the reputation of your company's brand, especially when these staff members represent your company by wearing a staff uniform. Make sure that your staff look the part and are dressed to impress, in clean uniforms that look brand new – at Laundry Inc, we service a wide range of business sectors in and around Cape Town that include hospitality, healthcare, industrial, retail, airline and more. We also apply extra care and attention when dealing with delicate materials or heavily stained garments, in order to attain a successful clean every time.

At Laundry Inc, our comprehensive staff laundry services take care of all your requirements, as our valued client, from start to finish. Once we have established your exact laundry needs and schedule, we will extend our pick-up and drop-off laundry service to you, in addition to determining any special requests or specific precautions that need to be applied when caring for and cleaning your Staff Laundry. Our industrial laundromat facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, while we only make use of the very best cleaning products.

Laundry Inc offers a specialized work wear, uniform and staff laundry service to clients operating in and around Cape Town. In order to continually achieve our Laundry Inc promise for unsurpassed quality and perfection, our management team perform regular quality checks on garments that have been cleaned and prepared for delivery to you. For an excellent staff laundry service you can always count on, check in with Laundry Inc today for a complete, dedicated solution.

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