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Bed and Breakfast Laundry in Cape Town

Any successful Bed & Breakfast relies strongly on its hygienic presentation to guests, as well as meeting the overall guest expectation without fault. For hospitality establishments in and around Cape Town, Laundry Inc provides a seamless and reliable Bed & Breakfast Laundry Service, where each item of clothing and linen in our care is cleaned perfectly, through the use of high quality and effective cleaning chemicals and Electrolux laundry equipment.

In order to ensure the best level of service, our Laundry Inc team allow clients to customize their B&B Laundry Service with us, while we also offer a reliable collection & delivery service. Considering that the hospitality industry operates at a fast paced with erratic hours, we offer a Bed and Breakfast Laundry Cape Town solution that works according to your needs, and operate on an average 24 hour turnaround time from the collection to the delivery of a client's Bulk Laundry. We continue to improve and implement good manufacturing processes (GMP) in all our HACCP approved industrial laundry solutions. Our high performance industrial laundromat is open 24/7 and 7 days a week, allowing us to provide clients with excellent B&B Laundry services all year around.

As part of our Cape Town Bed & Breakfast Laundry service, our laundry washing and dry cleaning processes are tried and tested, with the result being clean, quality-checked and well-presented laundry that is ready to be used again. From delicate garments to heavy duvets and linens, our Laundry Inc laundromat facilities provide an intensive laundry cleaning process, while specialized laundry services are also available. In addition to providing a comprehensive B&B Laundry Cape Town service, our Laundry Inc team also offers Industrial laundry, Guest House Laundry and Hotel Laundry services in Cape Town. We are committed to providing clients with friendly services and hygienically clean and well restored laundry, every time and without compromise.

Our Laundry Inc industrial laundry facility is located a short 15 minute drive from the city centre of Cape Town, with the impressive capacity to handle 2 tons of laundry on a daily basis. For our Bed and Breakfast Laundry Cape Town clients, we also offer the option of Thermal Disinfection Washing, preventing the spread of Coronavirus and other potentially infectious bacteria and viruses. To discuss your establishment's all important laundry requirements, get in touch with us for well-rounded and trusted laundry solutions for your B&B service in Cape Town.

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