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Bulk Laundry Cape Town - Laundry Inc

Across a range of industries and establishments including guest houses, hotels and healthcare facilities, our Laundry Inc team offers dry cleaning and bulk laundry expertise and services to the greater Cape Town area. When it comes to the quality completion of bulk laundry, there is no room for error as our team of professionals get to work to deliver unsurpassed results.

At Laundry Inc our bulk laundry service can take care of your entire company's washing and dry cleaning requirements – additionally, we also offer services that include tailoring, industrial laundry, preshrinking, commercial laundry and the cleaning of work wear and staff uniforms. When it comes to overseeing a client's bulk laundry, our team can arrange to collect and deliver laundry for clients situated in and around Cape Town as our industrial laundromat is just a short drive from the city centre. For added convenience to our valued clients, Laundry Inc is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will go above and beyond to continually meet your exact needs, every time.

From delicate garments to wedding dresses and even larger items for dry cleaning such as curtains and blankets, make use of Laundry Inc when it comes to the management of all your company's bulk laundry to ensure the very best results every time - our outstanding industrial laundromat is capable of producing up to 2 tons of laundry in a single day, while using only the best equipment and products available in the market.

Laundry Inc already services an impressive portfolio of clients and works closely with reputable companies and well known hotels. Simply get in touch with our Laundry Inc team of professionals to arrange a meeting, during which time we can identify your unique dry cleaning and bulk laundry requirements and create a custom bulk laundry schedule to suit your business to perfection.

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