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Industrial Laundry in Cape Town

Trust in the professionals to handle and care for your companies most valued laundry items. Offering commercial laundry solutions of all complexities to the fields of Healthcare, Hospitality and Manufacturing in Cape Town, Laundry Inc is an industry leader led forward by an unprecedented standard for high quality services.

When looking for the best in the Industrial Laundromat industry of Cape Town, look no further than Laundry Inc's newly launched Industrial Laundry factory. Laundry Inc is an owner driven and established Laundry brand that has been operating with great success along the West Coast since 2012. In addition to specialised industrial laundry and dry cleaning services, Laundry Inc also offers services such as dyeing, steaming and pressing. With a fast paced production facility that is open 365 days a year, Laundry Inc is able to accommodate a large influx of industrial laundry projects in a demanding and energetic work environment.

The hospitality industry is accustomed to the regular coming and going of guests on vacation and Laundry Inc can handle the bulk cleaning of bed linen (incl. pillows), table linen (incl. serviettes) staff laundry, guest laundry and even more intensive tasks such as the cleaning of carpets, chair covers and curtains. At Laundry Inc, we are committed to the vision of achieving the highest level of hygienically clean results for each and every client, every time.

Laundry Inc's skilful processes and specialized dry-cleaning services preserve the quality and life cycle of each garment in our care, ensuring that our clients save money and time. Our clients at Laundry Inc can rely on consistency, friendliness and shared industry insight that can only be gained through years of first-hand experience. The new Laundry Inc Industrial Laundry factory is equipped with state-of-the-art European machinery that further enhances performance. All of our dedicated staff members are well trained in delivering superior services in a timeous manner.

From hotel and restaurant bulk linen to the professional cleaning of staff uniforms, Laundry Inc steps in to manage the toughest industrial laundry tasks. Hospitality and food & beverage establishments, furnishing and manufacturing industries and even healthcare providers in and around Cape Town can utilize the excellent industrial and commercial laundry services offered by Laundry Inc.

"If you're going to do something, DO it right and make it as good as you can..."

debra wilson