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Laundry in Parklands North - Laundry Inc

At Laundry Inc, we provide reputable and dedicated laundry and dry cleaning service to Parklands North residents. By making use of the very best laundry equipment and cleaning products available on the market, our team of laundry professionals are able to deliver consistent, high quality results that have allowed us to continually exceed the expectations of our clients.

Laundry Inc is a family run establishment that is centrally located and open 7 days a week. A large part of our Laundry Inc success derives from our hands on management style, which includes initiating training sessions, motivating staff members and implementing regular quality checks. We also operate our Laundry Inc laundromat facility entirely off the water grid, by making use of borehole water that has undergone an intensive clean. Our exemplary laundry services, offering Laundry in Parklands North, also extends to clients that are located in the surrounding areas of Sunningdale, "Blouberg and Table View.

Our Laundry Inc team are very focused on customer satisfaction and as such we encourage our customers to communicate any special requests with us. Laundry in Parklands North, arranged through Laundry Inc, include detailed steps like stain removal and spotting, ironing, folding and starching, to mention but a few. Our laundry team will ensure that your garments are returned to you in the best condition possible, while also applying cleaning techniques that are gentle on your clothes and garments. Don't let piles of laundry keep you busy all day, rather allow Laundry Inc to assist you with your Laundry in Parklands North while you enjoy your free time.

When enlisting the services of Laundry Inc for your various Laundry needs in Parklands North, you can trust in us to always go above and beyond to have your laundry ready on time and as clean as new. At Laundry Inc, our laundry processes are detailed and we apply customized and effective cleaning methods to properly clean and restore delicate materials, heavy winter coats, denims and even wedding dresses, in order to continually present our valued clients with outstanding services.

There is no laundry task that is too daunting or big for our Laundry Inc team to handle, while our services extend to provide solutions for carpet cleaning, dry cleaning, pre-shrinkage, prewashing as well as an impressive range of professional HACCP Approved Industrial Laundry and Hotel Laundry services, taking care of our corporate clients. If you are looking for a one-stop laundromat to take care of all your laundry in Parklands North needs, allow Laundry Inc to step in and provide the laundry cleaning solutions that you require.

"If you're going to do something, DO it right and make it as good as you can..."

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