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Dry Cleaning - Laundry Inc

Operating as a family-run laundromat since 2012, our Laundry Inc team has gathered a great deal of first-hand experience and along the way, found that our passion for dry cleaning and laundry services has only increased.

There is a real art to professional dry cleaning that has been mastered by our friendly and hardworking Laundry Inc team. The task of dry cleaning involves an in-depth understanding of fabrics, materials and textures and requires a patient approach to restoring every garment to its cleanest and most presentable state possible. As the name suggests, dry cleaning uses no water, but rather a mixture of non-water based cleaning solvents that are balanced and effective.

Dry cleaning is often the chosen cleaning method for items of clothing that are delicate and require the utmost care, such as and clothes made from fabrics like silk, taffeta, velvet and wool. Laundry Inc is also able to dry clean wedding dresses perfectly, which has become one of our most sought after services. Our Laundry Inc services also include high quality industrial laundry solutions as well as tailoring, clothes dying, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Should you bring your clothing or garments in to be dry cleaned? Our Laundry Inc team suggests looking at the label on the back of the garment if you are uncertain – this could instruct "Dry Cleaning only". Dry cleaning can be a beneficial option for materials that do not react well to prolonged exposure to water or to the heat of a standard tumble dryer. Dry cleaning is also helpful when it comes to the quality cleaning and restoring of stained blankets, tablecloths, curtains and other fabrics that decorate your home.

Laundry Inc operates in the coastal suburbs of Bloubergstrand and Table View, as well as just off the coast in the suburbs of Milnerton and Parklands. Open 7 days a week, families and individuals with busy day-to-day schedules are free to drop off their laundry and dry cleaning with us and collect it again at their earliest convenience.

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