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Horse Blanket Cleaning in Cape Town

If you've chosen to cover your horse during bad weather, you'll need to put some effort into keeping them healthy and content. However, we can significantly lessen that burden for you. We utilise environmentally safe washing methods for your horse blankets to ensure your horse's safety and provide collection and delivery services to various areas in and around Cape Town.

We at Laundry Inc. advise you to start considering having your horse blankets cleaned. The ammonias from the manure and the ground-in dirt will damage the fibers of the blanket materials, making them more brittle and affecting the long-lasting water repellency of the fabric, if dirty blankets are left to sit for weeks or months.

In Cape Town, Laundry Inc. is a trustworthy and dedicated dry cleaner and laundry. Our team of laundry experts are able to deliver dependable, high-quality results using the best laundry equipment and cleaning materials on the market, enabling us to continually exceed our customer's expectations.

At Laundry Inc, we work hard to provide the best service imaginable. With a focus on cleaning all of your horse blankets, Laundry Inc. has been happily serving the equine community. We have several drop-off and pickup locations around Cape Town and are based in Table View. Our soaps, which we have perfected over the years, are non-corrosive to blankets, preserving the high calibre of your horse blankets. To ensure that your horse blankets are as clean as possible, excessive hair is removed. To maintain the greatest fit for your horse, all blankets are air dried to reduce shrinkage.

You can rely on Laundry Inc. to go above and beyond to successfully clean your horse blankets on time and as clean as new when you use our laundromat services in Cape Town. To continually deliver excellent services to our esteemed clients, Laundry Inc. follows exact laundry procedures and uses innovative and effective washing techniques to adequately clean horse blankets.

With our horse blanket cleaning service, Laundry Inc. aims to preserve your investment in your horse's protection from the elements. For horse blanket cleaning, choose Laundry Inc. as your go-to laundry service provider in Cape Town. Working with only the best products and techniques available and having years of experience on our side, we are able to produce high-quality outcomes in a fair amount of time. We additionally make it our top priority to keep every client satisfied.

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