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Uniform Cleaning in Cape Town

When it comes to business in today's fast paced and modern world, making an impression on clients is essential in forming strong relationships. At Laundry Inc, we offer a professional and result driven Uniform Cleaning service in Cape Town that will ensure your staff are always presented at their best, in clean work clothes that reflect well on your business.

At Laundry Inc, we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality, specialized Uniform Cleaning service to a number of important clients, operating in a diverse range of industries and requiring varied levels of laundry care. Business sectors that regularly benefit from our services include hospitality, retail, industrial, construction and airline, where presentation is vital. Uniform and work wear cleaning in Cape Town remains one of our most highly sought after services, and as such we are committed to providing a trusted service each and every step of the way. Our Laundry Inc cleaning team are driven to present 100% satisfactory results every time.

Our industrial laundromat facility is located 15 minutes from Cape Town's City Bowl district, while our valued clients in the Mother City have the opportunity to utilize our laundry collection and delivery service, which is customized to fit into any timeframe and schedule. Additionally, our laundromat operates 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, always available to attend to your laundry and dry cleaning requirements. When it comes to the expert managements of your staff laundry and Uniform Cleaning, our motivated Laundry Inc cleaning staff members know all the tricks to remove stubborn stains, while also benefitting from regular training.

We strive to deliver unparallel results and already work with reputable clients who have come to rely on our dedicated Uniform and Work Wear Cleaning services in Cape Town. By using only the best cleaning products available, performing regular quality checks and combining our extensive knowledge and shared passion for laundry, our exceptional Laundry Inc services are intensive, thorough and of the highest standard.

Our Laundry Inc laundry and dry cleaning services are ideal for uniform and work wear cleaning, effective on varied materials from silk and cotton to heavier overalls and safety wear, greasy aprons and uniforms of all types. Get in touch with us today to start benefitting from our comprehensive Uniform Cleaning service in Cape Town, for reliable laundry solutions in your workplace.

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